Why I'm part of Linkey by Katie

The majority of people on this earth should not be prevented from accessing the basics; shelter, food and water. Whilst many do face barriers from accessing these things, there are things we can do and are doing to help provide respite from the terrible conditions rough sleepers endure,

You’re homeless. It’s Summer. You’re still homeless by Josh

The most rewarding part of what we do is talking to people on the street. You wouldn’t believe how delighted, surprised and grateful someone is about receiving a basic item like a hat or pair of socks from a stranger. Rough sleepers are used to being ignored. 

The start of Linkey by Tash

We want to start to build a grassroots movement, a community to do whatever we can to support those who are homeless, in small and tangible ways.  Currently this is through donating toiletries, underwear, thermal socks and other essentials to homeless shelters around the country, whilst also providing sleeping bags, rucksacks and thermals to those sleeping on the street. We are also starting to think of other projects over the longer term to provide further links to the homeless population.