What happens when I buy items from your store?
The Linkey team will sort the items and deliver them to the chosen shelter for that month, as well as drop off to rough sleepers.

How do you cost your items?
It's very important for us to be transparent. All our items are slightly marked up in case suppliers change prices. Any profit made is used to buy more stock. Linkey is an entirely nonprofit organisation and all team members are involved as volunteers.

Do I need to be in for my delivery?
No. The item(s) will be delivered directly to Linkey HQ.

How can I make a regular donation?
In the shop you can choose to buy an item as a one-off purchase, or to make it a monthly purchase. This is our version of a 'direct debit'. You can also do this for the monetary donation if you didn't want to buy an item.

What else can I do to help, other than buy an item?
We would really appreciate it if you did any of the following:

  • Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and share our posts across social media.
  • If you have connections to a school, business, gym, community centre or religious organisation that may want to arrange a big collection, please get in touch.
  • If you work for a brand that supply any of the items in our shop, and think you can help provide stock, please get in touch.

Can I make a monetary donation rather than purchase an item?
Yes you can! Please click here.

Do you provide any advice on housing and homelessness?
No. We would advise you to contact Shelter's helpline - 0808 800 4444

Are you a registered charity?

No we are a social enterprise. The majority of our income comes through selling products for the homeless. All profit goes towards a social purpose - delivering items directly to the homeless population and to growing Linkey to benefit a wider number of people. All members of the team are volunteers.

I am a journalist with a press enquiry, how can I get in touch?
Please email info@linkey.org.uk and put media enquiry in the subject line.