The Team

Josh Adley
Josh has worked in the creative industries for a number of years in music, advertising, media and production companies. Having been passionate from a young age about homelessness as an issue, it was a chance encounter with a homeless man in December 2017 that left Josh compelled to do something to help… a couple of weeks later and Linkey was born.

Natasha Langleben
Natasha started her career as a strategist working in some of the top 10 ad agencies in London before switching to social work. She now manages a social work team working with young people who have left the care system (sadly a huge driver of homelessness). She is the co-founder of the forCrohns charity which has raised over £500,000 to date for research into Crohn’s disease and has volunteered for Crisis at Xmas and No Second Night Out. Her interest in homelessness lead to co-founding Linkey with her brother Josh.

Rebecca Adley
Rebecca is an events manager, with extensive experience working across sectors including hospitality, charity, entertainment, food and social events. Having been there from the very start, Rebecca is a crucial part of the team with a strong interest in raising awareness of homelessness as an issue.

Katie Lassman
Katie is a public relations specialist with a background in the media and entertainment sectors, more recently adding retail publicity into the fold. Her work has always been located in Central London, an area rife with rough sleepers, and her daily commute to areas such as Soho and Leicester Square is what sparked her interest in the homelessness sector. A former Streetlink referral line volunteer and annual Crisis at Christmas volunteer, Katie’s passion for understanding the sector and helping raise awareness about it, are what led her to be a part of the Linkey family.

Anastasia Kyriacou
Anastasia has a background working in human rights and social justice advocacy. In 2010 she ran a political pressure group for fairer voting with the Channel 4 programme Battlefront. She went on to specialise in a history of homelessness at university, and has volunteered at the winter shelter C4WS Homeless Project for a number of years. At present, Anastasia runs the communications for the world’s leading international humanitarian aid and development event and dabbles in broadcast journalism in her spare time, hosting a radio show on current affairs. She is passionate about writing human stories that can influence positive change.

Laura Kaplan
Laura works in the financial sector and has a background in event management and fundraising. At her previous job, Laura was in charge of fundraising and events for Kisharon, a charity that provides support for children and young adults with complex learning difficulties. She has volunteered at Crisis for the past six years, which is where her understanding of the needs of homeless people, and her desire to help them, began. Laura’s empathetic character and desire to help others lead her to be a part of Linkey.

Gemma Kaplan
Gemma is a lawyer specialising in restructuring and insolvency and has been in the legal profession for over 12 years.  Having previously volunteered at Crisis and seen a dramatic increase in the number of rough sleepers in the City of London and more locally in Hertfordshire, Gemma wanted to contribute some of her spare time and use her professional connections to make a difference.  When Tasha told her that Linkey had been set up, Gemma had to become involved.

Andrew Charles
Andrew is a chartered accountant and has worked in the TV & Film industry for several years. Despite giving money to Shelter for nearly a decade, he wanted to do more to help combat the issue of homelessness and jumped at the chance to join the Linkey team.

Adam Russell
Adam works for one of the fastest growing online retailers in the UK having spent the early years of his career travelling up and down the country as a tech consultant. He first worked with the homeless community volunteering at a half way house as part of a project for Give and Gain Day. He has also raised funds for mental health charities in the past, knowing that without the right help and support people who suffer from poor mental health can lead end up on the street. Using his knowledge of consumer products, logistics and distribution he wants to give back to his local and wider community by joining the Linkey team.

Jonathan Abrahams
Jonathan works in finance, with a particular focus on Emerging Markets. Having travelled extensively around the developing world for work and pleasure, he is passionate about helping those in need and is engaged actively in a number of charities that help outside of the UK, most notably World Jewish Relief. Having volunteered at a homeless shelter and seen more and more people in need on his doorstep, he was determined to do more to contribute and use his professional experience to help the most vulnerable in the UK. Whilst attending a Linkey team meeting to learn more about our ambitious “hands-on” approach, he signed up on the spot!